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why refill?

why refill? - blog, diy, glass bottles, Recycle, repurpose, Reuse - local -

the sad reality is that most boxes and soft plastics can't be recycled. labels and other materials in the plastic is garbage and ends up in landfills. luckily, there are ways around this! one is using glass bottles that can be safely reused over and over again. our amber glass soap bottles won't wear overtime, meaning they are perfect for refilling or repurposing. 

our local 1 litre refill bottles are made to refill your local soap bottles, so you don't need to create excess waste. they're an easy and sustainable way to keep loving your local and the environment.

local 1 litre refill - hand wash

don't want to keep the glass bottles? no problem, just peel off the label, and (gently) throw it into your recycling bin.

but, if you want more bang for your buck, here are some ideas on what to do with your extra bottles: 

local soap bottles

  • fill it with hand sanitizer for your front door, kitchen, bathroom, etc. 
  • transfer your lotion into it for a more sleek look. 
  • use it as a flower vase. 
  • use it as a water bottle, or water jug at your dinner table. 
  • use it to water your plants. 
  • store your own creations like homemade essential oil lotions, cleaning sprays, fabric sprays, etc.
glass bottles


amber glass is uv protectant, so you can safely store your soaps, creams, and other products made with essential oils, and it won't compromise the quality of it overtime. this glass is long lasting, and looks great ;) 

try opting to refill instead of buying new next time. 

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