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have your cleanest summer yet

3 local summer essentials to keep you and the earth cleaner. 

sunscreen: a non-negotiable

it should go without saying, spf is the most important thing for your skin all year round, but especially in the hot summer sun. around here, the uv can reach 8 or 9 on an average sunny (or cloudy) day. to prevent future wrinkles, sun damage, and even skin cancer, add a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least an spf of 30 to your daily routine. só luxury sunny spf 30 is the lightweight, non-greasy sunscreen you need in your life.

so luxury sunscreen

it’s formulated with skin soothing oils of sea buckthorn, buriti and turmeric oil and can be used daily. founder amanda created só luxury when her son was a baby, in hopes of creating produces that we’re safe for the earth and her family.

your underarms will thank you

the summer heat brings so much goodness, but also body ~ aroma ~. the constant worry about sweating and smelling bad is something you can eliminate – there is already too many other things to worry on the daily. nala’s aluminum-free deodorant is the perfect introduction to natural deodorant. unlike many other natural deodorants, nala’s formulation and botanicals work to neutralize odor in a skin healthy way. the peppermint & activated charcoal is energizing and detoxifying, perfect for the sweatiest of days.

nala peppermint and charcoal deodorant

after losing a family member to cancer, nala was created to deliver products that are high quality while eliminating negative side effects to your body and the earth. when we smell good, we feel good.

say hello to smooth and confident

it's that time of year where many want to shed their winter coat. gone are the days of putting off shaving, there's parties, weddings, and reunions to attend. it's time to feel your best and brightest. well kept’s shave oil is a game changer - it soothes the skin with almond and argan oil to create a protective layer between your skin and the razor. hold on, it doesn’t stop there. rosemary essential oil reduces irritation, minimizing ingrown hairs and keeps you smelling sweet after the water turns off. natalie and emilie, co-founders of well kept, wanted to make the shaving experience more enjoyable and sustainable. their natural ingredients and reusable materials help make shaving good for everyone (including mother earth). their safety razor paired with the shave oil will have you saying tata to pesky ingrown bumps so you can strut around the beach wearing your most confident self.

well kept shave oil

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