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what canada day is all about

what canada day is all about - canada day, diversity, indigenous, philanthroy, Summer, toronto - local -




  1. promoting diversity and inclusivity.
  2. advocating for fundamental freedoms.
  3. supporting ALL communities.

"a culture that encompasses all its members”


  1. kind-hearted, welcoming, generous, proud.

"they are proud to be canadian”

canada, a vast and beautiful land with diverse climates, species, cultures, opinions. although we are so diverse, we are all connected to canada’s rich, successful, yet troubling history. today, and every day it is important to reflect on our past and look for ways to take action to help create a better future. It wouldn’t be canada without our indigenous communities that cultivated the land. at local we acknowledge and respect these indigenous communities and hope to amplify their stories, and give back to them in the best ways that we can.

local is all about canadian brands that stand for canadian values, so each brand we carry is women-owned that sells canadian-made, eco-friendly products to help you and the earth be cleaner, healthier, and overall happier. community is everything to us, and in order to nurture our #1 value, we will be donating to two canadian organizations that help foster our canadian community, starting this canada day.

native women's association of canada

native women’s association of canada is a national indigenous organization that represents the voices of indigenous women, girls, and gender-diverse people in canada. indigenous women make up 4% of the total female population in canada. devastatingly, almost six in ten (56%) indigenous women have experienced physical assault while almost half (46%) of indigenous women have experienced sexual assault. in comparison, about a third of non-indigenous women have experienced physical assault (34%) or sexual assault (33%) in their lifetime. this means that indigenous women are an incredibly at-risk group to experience violence in their lifetime.

nwac’s goal is to enhance and promote the well-being of indigenous women in canada, within their respective communities. not only to they advocate for policy change on the home front, but they internationally fight for equality for indigenous women, girls, two-spirit, and gender diverse people. they work on a variety of issues from employment to housing to childcare, and much more. they have numerous projects that cater to all different types of groups such as youth, entrepreneurs, substance use and addiction, etc.

it's imperative that those who are able, speak up and advocate for those who cannot. being canadian comes with the responsibility to care for every part of your community, leaving no one behind.

vibe arts

the next organization we will be supporting this week is vibe arts toronto. vibe provides arts education and resources to children and youth in under-resourced communities. they strive to foster community and promote creativity to create a lasting impact. they have several programs that focus on many different arts such as: visual arts, video, photography, digital art, dub poetry, dance, drama and music. their programs are meant to push for social change and take place directly in public places like schools, parks, community centers, shelters, hospitals, libraries, etc. they emphasize sharing arts with the community, and promote youth leadership.

accessibility, sustainability, and reconciliation are the three pillars for their work. last year they had over 5,000 program participants, where 107 artists were given employment opportunities through their programming. they work with several community partners that work with black musicians, filipino youth, and students.

the arts are vital for community, it brings people from all walks of life together. through art, one can express pain, trauma, sadness, happiness, anger, and everything in between. to be creative is to be free.


we would love it if you could join us in giving back to our community this week, because giving to your community is giving back to your neighbours, your friends, your family, and you.

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