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welcome to local, where we concoct fantastic hand & body wash and champion eco-savvy canadian brands. take a plunge into our world where indulgence meets responsibility, and relish in the guilt-free luxury. treat yourself to quality that feels great, and does good. because who said pampering can't be planet-friendly?

inclusive impact

at local, we're all about lifting each other up. we celebrate canadian brands founded by resilient women and the LGTBQ2+ community that are creating brilliant, sustainable products. shop with intention, empower our siblings, and bolster our local economy. join our eco-conscious community today and make a difference!

chill vibes

prepare for a shopping spree that's all about fun, a touch of sass, and a treasure trove of fantastic finds at local. we may not take ourselves too seriously, but when it comes to our commitment to sustainable hand & body wash and supporting canadian brands, we're all in. shop with a smile, let loose, and feel good about it!

welcome to local - your home for top-tier hand & body wash that's kind to both your skin and wallet. here, we infuse authenticity, a touch of wit, and a hearty helping of love into our products. let's explore our local hand & body wash in the invigorating scent of grapefruit | lemon | bergamot, perfect for your kitchen or bathroom countertop.

whisked together with care in toronto, our rich hand & body wash is made for those who cherish quality without the eye-watering price tag. envision us as your friendly, savvy neighbour who's got your back, no formalities required.

our formula is a harmonious blend of 100% natural essential oils, led by the rejuvenating trio of grapefruit, lemon, and bergamot. this citrusy ensemble is a melody of delight for your hands and body, leaving your skin feeling revitalized and silky smooth. no synthetics or perfumes here, just the unspoiled goodness that mother nature provides.

so, what about the packaging? say hello to our chic 240ml glass bottle with a pump, echoing our pledge to eco-friendly practices. this glass gem is not only a better recycler and re-user than plastic, but it's also a stylish addition to your countertop. once your hand & body wash runs out, why not transform your bottle into a chic soap dispenser or a plant watering bottle? let your imagination take the lead!

born from the desire for a high-quality alternative to that other amber bottled soap you've seen in those glossy home magazines, our local hand & body wash fuses luxury and affordability. we're not just any jill; we're the mavericks bringing you top-notch quality without the top-dollar price.

so, go ahead. treat yourself, and our planet, to our local hand & body wash in the irresistible scent of grapefruit | lemon | bergamot. it's time to soak in the pampering you deserve. because, let's be honest, you're worth it - and so is our earth.
so, go on. treat yourself to our local hand & body wash in the irresistible scent of grapefruit | lemon | bergamot, and experience the indulgence you deserve. because, let's face it, you're worth it.

    local hand & body wash

    get sudsy with self-love ❤️ our hand & body wash is where green living dances with lavish care. steeped in nourishing ingredients, it leaves your skin singing praises, feeling like silk, and radiating a heavenly aroma. crafted to be kind to mother earth and your skin, our hand & body wash is a luxury you can bask in, guilt-free. immerse yourself in this eco-friendly, pampering delight, and make waves in the name of sustainability!

    well kept

    well kept makes refined women's essentials that cultivate routine and ritual, without hurting the earth.

    guests on earth

    a brand with sustainability at its core, that blends the intention of design with the spirit of wellness. creating elevated home systems that are delightful to use and restore the balance between people and the planet

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