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the sea sponge is your way to a plastic-free and eco-friendly shower

the sea sponge is your way to a plastic-free and eco-friendly shower - alternative, body wash, eco-friendly, exfoliation, loofah, microplastics, restorative, sea sponge, shower, soap, sponge, sustainability - local -

picture this: you get home after a long, difficult day. it’s been hot, humid, and to make matters worse you spilt your midday coffee all over yourself, making you now slightly sticky. all you want to do is take a replenishing shower, and suds the day away.

what you might not realize is that the most relaxing part of your daily routine is not very environmentally friendly. traditional plastic loofahs, though colourful, exfoliating, and cheap, are detrimental to the environment, but there is an easy switch you can make.

plastic loofahs just can’t break it down

ironically, using a synthetic pouf to clean yourself is making the earth dirtier. just like toothbrushes, plastic loofahs are used to clean your body on a day-to-day basis. like toothbrushes, they need to be replaced frequently, even every few weeks. loofahs made of plastic are prone to bacteria build-up; because they are made in a factory, the colourful plastic poufs are synthetic and contain no antibacterial properties. not only does this mean they aren’t even very cost efficient because of how often you’ll need to repurchase to keep them sanitary, but they are incredibly wasteful. plastic generally takes years to break down in landfills, where most loofahs end up. even worse, synthetic loofahs can end up in oceans and waterways where turtles and other animals mistake them for jellyfish. when an ocean animal tries to eat a plastic loofah, they typically choke or get tangled up and trapped in it. in your lifetime, you’ll probably go through hundreds of plastic loofahs.

microplastics: not as cute as they sound

any scientist will confidently tell you that microplastics are incredibly harmful to your health and ocean life. since they are used in conjunction with water, the plastics from the pouf break apart and wash down the drain. these microplastics end up in our waterways and inevitably into our oceans and lakes. not to mention, if you are scrubbing your body with plastic, it can be unhealthy for the skin and an abrasive method of exfoliation.

the 'real' loofah

what you may not know is that a traditional ‘loofah’ is actually a plant. luffa aegyptiaca is a member of the gourd, squash, and pumpkin family and grows on a vine in tropical and subtropical regions. the colourful plastic poufs are imitators of the natural plant. the natural material of the cucumber-like plant was traditionally meant for only exfoliation, not lathering suds all over. this means it’s quite harsh on your skin for daily use. the loofah is better than a plastic pouf, but still not perfect for everyday washing.

how to keep your body and the environment well kept

so, what are you supposed to do? you can use your hands to soap up your body, but it’s the end of a hard day remember? you want a restorative, relaxing experience in the shower.

with no attempt to avoid sounding like an infomercial – girl, do we have the product for you.

well kept is a local sustainable women-owned brand that advocates that you shouldn’t have to choose between the environment and your routine.

their all-natural wool sea sponge is a great alternative to a natural loofah and plastic pouf. you want a product that is antibacterial, natural, and doesn’t contribute more plastic to the earth. their sustainably harvested sea sponges cleanse and exfoliate the skin without any plastics. the crop regenerates new growth where sponges are removed, and due to their enzyme composition, sea sponges are antibacterial and will last a long time in your shower. once worn out, you can put it in the compost.

small changes to your everyday life and routine can make a huge difference in the long term. being environmentally conscious and living sustainably doesn’t need to be a sacrifice. a natural sea sponge is not only beneficial for the earth, but for you as well. using a sea sponge instead of a plastic pouf can eliminate pounds of waste in your lifetime, and it is better for your skin health overall.

well kept's sea sponge pair amazingly will our local body wash. made with grapefruit, lemon and bergamot essential oils, the refreshing scent softly revitalizes you without leaving the skin dry. you can also purchase refills for the reusable glass or plastic bottle!

local hand and body soap 

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