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the success story behind the canadian brand, cheeks ahoy

the success story behind the canadian brand, cheeks ahoy - bath, canadian, cheeks ahoy, cloth wipes, double ply, facial rounds, kitchen, leah, local, makeup wipe, reusable, skin care, towel, unpaper towel, wipes, woman owned - local -

what started as a necessity, has now grown into an inspiring accomplishment. we got the chance to sit down with cheeks ahoy founder and creator, leah. learn the inside scoop on the woman owned, and family supported brand that brings you reusable and sustainable products, from their home to yours. 

say hi to leah...

leah from cheeks ahoy

not only is leah a personable, energetic and inspiring human being, but she's also a mom of three and a loving wife... it's safe to say she's some kind of superhuman! her idea for cheeks ahoy sparked long ago from her need for a reusable and non-toxic baby wipe for her new baby at the time. leah thought, "there must be a better way"... and she was right!

it all started with an idea...

growing up and working at her grandparent's health food store, leah was fully immersed in the holistic lifestyle. at the time, "zero waste" wasn't a common term, but she always noticed the few people that brought their cloth bags for their groceries. what started as a few has now turned into many, as the awareness for sustainable materials continues to grow.

when leah's first baby was born in 2013, it was "cloth diapers all the way", which led her to research other reusable options. the first being, cloth wipes. with the help of a seamstress (a.k.a. leah's supportive mom), leah started making cloth wipes for herself and fellow moms. the feedback on these new cloth wipes was "way more effective than any disposable wipes", and so the ideas continued to flow...

cheeks ahoy cloth wipes

fun fact 💡 the first cloth wipes were upcycled from her flannel bedsheets!

introducing cheeks ahoy...

the name "cheeks ahoy" came from brainstorming with her family and friends. it's playful, cheeky, and memorable. cheeks ahoy was able to continue to grow in the most organic way, through the power of word of mouth and instagram.

did you know? one of the first customers to carry cheeks ahoy was natures emporium, in newmarket, ontario. we love when local small businesses are supported within the canadian community. 💚 

it takes a team 💪 ...

with the original challenge of having too much to do with only leah and her mom behind the scenes, the decision was made to take a giant step forward and expand the team and brand.

as they say, "team work makes the dream work". having the support of her family, plus an amazing team that has eagerly come into her life, leah was able to grow cheeks ahoy into a well known, and reliable eco-friendly brand. the cheeks ahoy team has come together from all parts of the world, which makes every day inspiring and enjoyable to work together. there's nothing more rewarding than that! 

household must-have...

unpaper towels: leah's toddler (at the time) started eating solids, and she needed something bigger to wipe everything down during meal time, which introduced the line of unpaper towels, both single ply and double ply. now, leah's husband keeps 2 or 3 of them on him at all times, and also uses them as a handkerchief!

leah's kids have been the toughest critics over the years, but they have fallen in love with every product and use them daily! we love cheeks ahoy because every single item is created out of necessity and is tried, tested and true!

cheeks ahoy is woman owned, husband supported, and a product of a lot of love and hard work. we're so excited to introduce you to cheeks ahoy, and can't wait for you to check out their line of products. 

reusable, sustainable, eco-friendly. thank you to leah and the cheeks ahoy team for sharing your story with us!

check out the cheeks ahoy collection >>> click here.

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