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making the best out of a bad *plastic* situation

making the best out of a bad *plastic* situation - plastic, sustainability, sustainable living - local -

as a sustainable brand that advocates to reduce plastic waste, why would we have plastic bottles? as much as we hate plastic, we care deeply about the safety and wellbeing of our community. we offer plastic bottles of our soap for little ones, as it's shatterproof. just in case it gets dropped in the shower or slips through their delicate hands, they'll be safe and sound. 

although it is plastic, it's still 100% recyclable, like our other bottles, just peel off the label and throw it in the bin. you can also reuse it by buying our local refill bottles! by making it reusable and recyclable, we are still abiding by our bid against single-use plastics. 

to contribute against the plastic we are producing, for every bottle sold, we will be donating $1 to ocean wise. ocean wise is an organization that leads shoreline cleanups throughout canada. in 2022, volunteers coordinated 986 cleanups and collected 14,149 kg of litter on 1,371.796 km of canadian shoreline. 


they also are educators on plastics and waste reduction for individuals and businesses. they run a number of programs to educate and take action towards reducing the use of unnecessary plastics. you can join a cleanup or host your own. 

we also want to highlight other great local pollution charities for you to check out: 

standing for the environment doesn't need to mean sacrificing you or your family's safety and comfort. there are small, every day habits and ways to help the environment and be as sustainable as you possibly can. if you need to use plastic bottles for some things, use them in moderation, use them responsibly, and help the planet in other ways. 





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