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bamboo: earth's saving grace

bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, and now one of the fastest growing trend in the world of sustainable products. 

how is bamboo sustainable?

bamboo is an incredible renewable resource. this is because of how fast it grows and regenerates. some species of bamboo can grow up to 30 cm (1 foot) per day and they can reach heights of more than 40 metres (about 130 feet). bamboos are independent growers, meaning they don't need any help from fertilizers to grow big and strong. their leaves drop down, decompose, and nourish the plant. 

what can bamboo be used for?

the short answer, everything. traditionally, bamboo is used throughout asia for a number of things from eating, building shelters, and making paper. now, people are finding new ways to incorporate this natural resource into products to make them more sustainable. 

bamboo toothbrushes are a great substitute for the traditional plastic toothbrushes. since toothbrushes should be replaced about every 6 weeks, meaning that one person will go through hundreds through your lifetime. that's a significant amount of plastic waste! bamboo toothbrushes have the benefit of decomposing quickly. once moisture, heat, oxygen and microorganisms are introduced to bamboo, it'll break down fast, sometimes within the space of 8 weeks or less. in comparison, toothbrushes that are made from polypropylene plastic and nylon and can take up to 500 years or more to decompose. not to mention, bamboo is antibacterial AND antifungal. if that doesn't convince you to switch, nothing will. 

bamboo toothbrushes

bamboo cotton swabs are also a great alternative to the plastic ones. because cotton swabs are so small, they can easily escape into waterways and animals mouths. they are also single use products, meaning that each person produces a ton of waste from just cotton swabs. bamboo cotton swabs are biodegradable and compostable, as they break down easily and quickly. 

bamboo cotton swabs

reusable bamboo is the ultimate product. because bamboo is such a strong and fibrous material, it's a great addition to a cloth to increase its durability and anti-bacterial properties. reusable bamboo cloths and makeup rounds are just two easy products to incorporate into your life to reduce waste.

but what about the animals?

many animals and habitats thrive off of bamboo, so is it really that eco-conscious to take bamboo away from them? giant pandas, Madagascar bamboo lemurs and mountain gorillas need bamboo to live. but each animal pines after a certain species of bamboo. as mentioned, bamboo is fast growing and self-sustaining, but it's important to make sure the bamboo products you are looking at are FSC certified. as with anything, overproduction is deadly, so making sure organizations harvest bamboo sustainably and responsibly is key. the future is bamboo is a canadian brand that is FSC certified, and doesn't use bamboo that animals like to eat. 

bamboo is definitely one of the strongest resources for consumer goods, and it has the ability to change how we use and reduce our waste. try simple swaps that make you and the earth healthier! 

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