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the local community

the local community - charity, local - local -

local is more than just our name and our products, it's a symbol for community. 

we love our local brands

supporting community and inclusivity is so important to us. it's not just about shopping at local businesses, but supporting all members of the community and uplifting marginalized groups. 

working towards an even brighter future

being from toronto, we recognize the importance of diversity and inclusivity, it's what makes our city and the people in it so great. we want to project those values as much as we can. as canadians, we are so lucky, but we still have things we need to work on. canada's charitable sector is the largest in north america, and second largest in the world (behind The Netherlands). supporting canadian organizations for specific causes are how we can help make change. the rate that the younger generations give to charity is dwindling, leaving the narrowing older generations of 70+ to give the majority.  whether you can volunteer, financially support, or even just spread an organization cause/message, every small bit makes a difference. 

volunteers sorting bins

we need your help

this summer we've given proceeds to 4 charities, and we don't want to stop there. but we want you to have a say in where we donate. whatever cause you are passionate about, maybe an organization you've participated in, or just a charity you've heard of before, send us a message and tell us all about it! our local community is everything to us, and we want to represent all our members. 

tips for finding reputable charities

know the difference between nonprofit and not-for-profit. nonprofits operate similar to a for-profit business, as they want to maximize their revenue. however, they are prohibited from distributing revenue into anything other than the business. put simply this means that the money they made goes back into the business. these organizations must make their data and financials public so that donors can see where their money is going. think about universities, religious organizations, etc. they must seek to advance a social cause and benefit the public. their members may be paid, but not through fundraising. 

not-for-profits similarly do not operate with the goal of generating profits. but, are not required to operate specifically for the benefit of the public or the advancement of a social cause. they can simply operate for the benefit of their members, think of a sports team or club. they are meant to fulfill an owners objectives. a key difference is that members are not paid, they are solely volunteers. 

so which is better? this answer is up to you, and it all depends on the cause that you'd like to support. 

after you've narrowed down the causes that matter most to you, decide whether you'd like to give on a local level or global scale. many smaller local charities are very community based, running programs for people in the community, various events - these are great to volunteer at to start off! however, national or global organizations often have more decision making power to make faster and larger scale differences - these can be great for a climate/environmental-related cause. 

canadian charities are listed through the cra. you can use the list of charities to confirm whether a charity is registered, revoked, annulled, penalized, or suspended. it will also give you the charities contact information, and financial information. here is a page on the cra's website that gives you the whole rundown.

hands in

sharing is caring

the old school cliché saying is right, to share is to care. share your knowledge, your energy, your resources, and your compassion. if we're lucky enough to be able to give something, we should give on behalf to those who cannot. start by reposting charities you like on social media, buy from local brands who will donate on your behalf *wink, wink*, or get out there and help a cause you are passionate about! 

and if you're a charity and you'd like to work with us, send us an email at! 

let's contribute to a better tomorrow, today. let's be local. 


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