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zero waste starter set - dark - local - letsbelocal.ca
zero waste starter set - dark - local - letsbelocal.ca
zero waste starter set - dark - local - letsbelocal.ca
zero waste starter set - dark - local - letsbelocal.ca
zero waste starter set - dark - local - letsbelocal.ca
zero waste starter set - dark - local - letsbelocal.ca

kit de démarrage zéro déchet

vous voulez essayer certains de ces articles réutilisables dans chaque taille ? cet ensemble est fait pour vous !

comprend :
  • 2 essuie-tout sans papier à épaisseur unique
  • 1 essuie-tout sans papier double épaisseur
  • 6 lingettes en tissu
  • 4 tours du visage
  • serviettes sans papier
parfait pour :
  • s'essuyer les mains et le visage sales après les repas
  • nettoyage des déversements
  • laver et essuyer la vaisselle
  • serviettes repas
  • nettoyage et dépoussiérage non pelucheux
  • lingettes en tissu
parfait pour :
  • nez qui coule (finis les nez rouges !)
  • l'heure du bain
  • papier toilette
  • serviettes, boîtes à lunch pour enfants
  • camper
  • se démaquiller
  • tours du visage
parfait pour :
  • se démaquiller
  • appliquer du toner
  • pour laver et exfolier le visage
** Veuillez noter : les imprimés et les couleurs inclus dans les ensembles monochromes, arc-en-ciel et foncés changent en fonction de notre stock de tissus. nous recevons un approvisionnement limité de la plupart de nos tirages. les photos sont à titre d'exemple seulement et montrent le style d'ensemble que vous recevrez. merci !

fait à la main à peterborough, ontario

Les serviettes sans papier ne sont pas prélavées, donc pour gonfler les fibres et atteindre une capacité d'absorption maximale, lavez et séchez plusieurs fois avant de les mettre au travail. laver à la machine avec des couleurs similaires en utilisant le détergent de votre choix. culbuter ou suspendre pour sécher.

*n'utilisez pas d'assouplissant ou de feuilles assouplissantes car ils peuvent diminuer l'absorption.


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kit de démarrage zéro déchet

about us

nature in a bottle

at local, we believe in harnessing the power of nature to create our hand & body washes. no synthetic fragrances or harsh chemicals here, just 100% natural essential oils in every drop. experience the purity and potency of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, sweet orange, rosemary, and lavender. each scent is a reminder of our commitment to natural quality and your wellbeing

planet lovers

we're not just about offering you a luxury hand & body wash - we're about making choices that respect our planet. from our glass bottles to our eco-conscious product curation, our practices reflect our commitment to sustainability. we're dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner, greener future. when you choose local, you choose to love our earth.

inclusive & local

being canadian means embracing diversity, and that's what local is all about. we're proud to celebrate and support our local canadian brands, particularly those founded by women and the lgbtq2+ community. every product we curate is a testament to our belief in inclusivity, quality, and the power of supporting local. join us as we champion equality and uplift our community.


fast shipping

we're all about that hustle. orders placed before the clock strikes noon? they're out the door faster than you can say 'sweet orange, rosemary, lavender'. because who likes waiting for their eco-goodies? not us, and certainly not you.

we're toronto-based, but we don't stay put. we team up with both ups & canada post to bring our eco-lovelies straight to your doorstep. oh, and po box? no problem, canada post has got that covered. wherever you are, we'll find you (in a totally non-creepy way, promise).

shipping rates

orders over $100? say hello to free provincial standard shipping. because we believe in spreading the love (and soap) a little further.

orders under $100? we're all about fairness here at local. you'll only pay what we pay, not a penny more. that's how we roll.

orders heading to the territories? same deal - you pay what we pay. we're all about keeping it real and transparent, just like our eco-friendly products.

contact us

have a question?

hey there! we're your friendly neighbourhood local team, and although we may be small, we're mighty when it comes to getting things done. between lathering up with our hand & body wash and answering your queries, we've got our hands full (literally). we do our best to reply to your texts, messages, emails, and calls faster than you can say 'eco-friendly'. so, reach out - we can't wait to hear from you!

- use the form here

- call or text 647.361.0399

- email us at together@letsbelocal.ca

let's be local, together.

get sudsy with self-love ❤️ our hand & body wash is where green living dances with lavish care. steeped in nourishing ingredients, it leaves your skin singing praises, feeling like silk, and radiating a heavenly aroma. crafted to be kind to mother earth and your skin, our hand & body wash is a luxury you can bask in, guilt-free. immerse yourself in this eco-friendly, pampering delight, and make waves in the name of sustainability!