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Live Naturally Tools

Live Naturally Tools - - local -

If you enjoy making your own essential oil recipes or are building an essential oil business with dōTERRA, Live Naturally has designed a full system of Canadian compliant materials that are beautifully designed and easy to follow for both business personnel and everyday users! 

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Tools for Building your dōTERRA Business

Membership Consult

When to use: This handout gives your new enrolments an opportunity to establish a solid wellness plan for them and their family. The Membership Consult is designed to find areas of improvement that your new enrolment may want to focus on such as exercise & weight management.

Live Naturally Tools - Membership Consult

Page 1 - Access
  • Your enrollee can go through and rate themselves on each of the four tiers of the wellness pyramid: eating right, exercise & weight management, rest & managing stress and reducing toxic load.
  • Together, you can identify areas to improve and go through the different support options based on the products listed under each tier of the pyramid.
  • By suggesting different supplements, oils and products to transform their health, your enrollee is likely to add items to their wishlist or next order.
Page 2 - Plan
  • Get your enrollee to list 1-3 personal goals as well as few for up to two family members or friends.
  • Together, find suggested solutions for each of the goals. We recommend bringing a copy of your favourite resources such as the Essential Life Book or Modern Essentials.
  • BONUS: Bring an empty roller bottle and fractionated coconut oil so your enrollee can make a blend specific to one area of improvement. You can show them how simple it is to make their own rollers on the spot.
Page 3 - Understanding your membership
  • Introduce the benefits of dōTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program and walk your enrollee through it.
  • Explain the standard membership vs LRP membership and walk your enrollee through the benefits of LRP such as receiving the free product of the month and earning points to spend on future orders.
  • There is also space for your enrollee to rate their interest for using, sharing and teaching about essential oils. This scale will help you understand what their intentions are and where to place people.
  • If they are interested in teaching, earning money or becoming a builder, this is your opportunity to schedule another meeting to cover the Business Consult handout.
  • There is also a contact section where you can fill out your enrollee’s membership ID and password along with top recommended social media groups and your contact info.
  • We also suggest walking them through how to navigate dōTERRA's website and place an order. This is a great time to set up an LRP template if they are interested. You may want to revisit the membership consult and review the different oils, blends, supplements and self-care products available in case they want to add them to their cart. You can also briefly cover any other resource/reference materials, carrier oils, labels or supplies they may need.

Available in English and French


Business Consult (10 pack)

Live Naturally - Business Consults

  • When to use: If a contact or wholesale member shows an interest in building up a dōTERRA business, arrange a coffee date or meeting to sit down and go through a business consult with them.
  • These handouts are designed to help highlight the immense potential in an essential oil business.
  • After your meeting, you will leave knowing how you can best support your contact based on their level of commitment.
  • Topics include:
    • Residual income & network marketing
    • Bonus opportunities with dōTERRA
    • Fast start, power of 3, uni-level and leadership bonus pools
    • The pipeline
    • dōTERRA ranking system
    • 100 Name’s List - this is a space for you to jot down the names of 100 people that your contact can invite to classes
    • Tips and next steps for success

Available in English and French


Build Well Organizer

Live Naturally - Build Well

  • This beautifully designed organizer is a place to keep track of your leads, personal enrollments, and builders all in one place.
  • Sections include:
    • Tracking - monthly tracking of organizational volume, personal enrollments, team enrollments, rank achieved, power of 3, monthly promotions and product of the month.
    • Promotions - Track all monthly promotions to conclude if they were successful. What could be done differently? Should they be run again?
    • Names - Record all of your contacts, specific needs, samples given, and all other relevant details.
    • Enrollments - Keep track of all of your personal enrollments. Do they need a wellness/business consult? Make notes with each check-in.
    • Builders - Track up to 30 builders and their progress!
    • Personal Development - Find a list of recommended reading and podcasts. 

Available in English.



Postcard Invites For Make & Take Workshops

  • Handout or mail invitations to your next make & take class. Provide potential guests with all the details including the topic, location, time and contact info.
  • Don’t forget to follow up and confirm.

Available in English and French

Draw Cards 50 sheets For Make & Take Workshops

  • Draw cards are a great way to collect contact information in exchange for a chance to win a prize such as essential oils or supplies.
  • This also allows you to keep in touch and follow up with guests or potential enrolments. 

Available in English and French


Labels for Personal Use


DIY Labels (sold separately)

  • Choose label sheets for Green Cleaning, Just for Kids, Love Yourself, Pets and Pregnancy and Birth & Baby.

Available in English 

Healthy and Wise Labels

  • This sheet includes roller bottle labels for each of the body’s systems including the adrenals, ears, cells, head, immune, heart, thyroid, skin, and lungs.
  • These blends are designed to support an overall healthy body.
  • You can use your own recipes or view Live Naturally’s recipe sheet here.

Available in English.


Supplements Labels

  • Label your dōTERRA supplement bottle tops so you easily get the support you need.
  • Labels also include usage instructions.
  • These labels make storing and organizing your bottles effortless.

Available in English.


UpCycle Labels

  • Repurpose your empty 15 mL essential oil bottles and make your own recipes
  • Each sheet includes ten labels, chose from: First Aid, Clean Hands, Detangler, Hair Spray, Soothe the Throat, Signature Scent, After Sun Care, No More Stains, Fresh Breath, Air Freshener or a variety Sheet (includes one of each type of recipe)
  • These labels are designed to be used with your own recipes or you can view Live Naturally’s recipes here.

Available in English.



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Karen Messineo

I really appreciate your generosity with the free training material and your products are amazing tools for new and seasoned users and builders! Thank you for the forward thinking as it makes a huge difference to us sharing the goodness of natural solutions!!

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