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Ways to Boost Your Biz in 2019!

Ways to Boost Your Biz in 2019! - - local -


Are you trying to grow your essential oil business in 2019? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve rounded up our top supplies, materials, and tips to help you reach your goals this year!

Here’s what you need to know:
  1. We’ve introduced new low pricing on our best-selling basics to make building your business a heck of a lot more affordable!

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The Basics

10 mL Clear Glass Rollers

  • Roller bottles are ideal for creating samples or hosting make & take workshops
  • Create your own blends or follow a recipe
  • Add essential oils and top up your bottle with a carrier oil of choice
  • Available in packs of 6, 50150

Sample Drams

  • These tiny vials are perfect for essential oils samples
  • Size: choose from ¼ or   dram vials
  • Colour: available in amber or cobalt blue
  • Application: choose orifice reducers, roller ball tops, or dropper tops

*TIP: if you opt for the ⅝ dram, we recommend adding a carrier oil to fill the bottle

EO Tool Keys

  • These pocket-sized tools allow you to easily remove roller ball tops and orifice reducers
  • There are also cutouts that can be used to insert your roller ball tops or orifice reducers back onto your bottles
  • Works with sample vials ( ¼ & , 5mL & 10mL roller bottles, and 5mL and 15mL EO bottles)

    Specialty Roller Bottles

    • Our specialty rollers are a great way to reward team members on special occasions and also make great incentive and/or hostess gifts
    • These bottles are a super fun way to use and show off your own essential oil blends! Choose from ombre, sparkle, metallic, shimmer, marble, or wood painted bottles.

    Resource and Reference Materials


    All Tear Pads
    If you’re looking to spice up your classes, try adding a theme/area of focus. We offer a variety of themed tear pads, including:

    Each tear pad includes 50 pages, double-sided, of information and recipes relevant to the topic - plus general info that any essential oil users should know!


    My Essential 10 + 1

    • This cost-effective booklet is great for introducing new users to essential oils without overwhelming them with too much information.
    • This booklet provides information on the top 10 essential oils including: Frankincense, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Oregano, Digestive Blend, Protective Blend, Soothing Blend, Respiratory Blend, and Wild Orange!


    Usage Guides

    • My Essential Usage Guides include 30 pages of solid information including:
      • What are essential oils, four ways to use them, general safety information, dilution chart, intro to carrier oils, recipes (diffuser, roller bottles, self care, and “green” cleaning), A-Z conditions and the top recommended oils, A-Z single oils and blends and what they are good for, brain health and emotions
    • We recommend handing out these pocket guides after someone has enrolled or purchased oils.




    If your essential oil collection is continuously growing, you’re definitely going to want to invest in a reliable case to transport your them between home, classes, and meetings. Our top recommendations are:

    • The Pro Case 2.0 - holds 32 essential oils bottles (5/15 mL), 49 sample vials (¼ and ⅝ dram) as well as pocket-sized resource and reference materials such as Usage Guides.
    • The EO Brief Case - holds 66 x 15 mL EO bottles, 13 x 5 mL EO bottles or roller bottles.



    Busy building your essential oil empire? You’re going to want to stay organized! The doPLANNER is our absolute favourite because it will keep both your personal life and business life in check. Your doPLANNER will include many exciting features such as:

    • contact/enrollment tracker
    • self-development and goal setting activities
    • simple income/mileage tracker
    • inspirational quotes throughout
    • mini recipes
    • and more!

    Available in large or slim and dated or undated. 

    "Opportunities don't happen. You create them." — Chris Gross

    Welcome Bundle

    Welcome new enrollments to the wonderful world of essential oils! Help them get started on their oil journey by providing them with all the basics they need including:

    • 120 ml cobalt blue mister bottle
    • 60 ml cobalt blue mister bottle
    • 30 ml cobalt blue bottle with a lotion pump
    • 10 ml clear glass roller bottles with glass balls/black lids (6 pack)
    • 15 ml droppers (6 pack)
    • EO tool key (black)
    • Teeny tiny funnel
    • My Essential Usage Guide
    • $5 off coupon for our online store


    Social media

    The essential oil market is booming on social media, so start getting familiar with promoting your business, passion, and experiences on Instagram and Facebook. Think of social media as:

    • A space to network and connect with other like-minded people
    • A source for business/creative inspiration and recipe ideas
    • A platform to reach people who aren’t yet familiar with essential oils

    When you offer different incentives, it adds more value to your offer and is more likely to motivate and encourage people to support you and your essential oil business.

    • Encourage enrollments through raffles/giveaways
    • Entice new clients by offering a free gift that will help them along in their essential oil journey when they sign up. This gift can vary in value, so use your judgement! Check out keychain carry cases, speciality roller bottles, Essential Life Book (spiral or hardcover), recipe journals, and more.
    Essential Oil Workshops
    • “I’ve Got an Oil for That” card game is a super fun way to break the ice during a workshop while giving attendees the opportunity to learn about the oils in a fun setting
    • Host seasonal themed make & takes (for example, DIY nasal inhalers for the winter season, cleaning recipes for the spring and so forth)
    • Great networking opportunity


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