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50 Ways to Live Your Best Life in 2019

Life is short— so the new year is always a cause for celebration! And with a new year comes a new motivation to shape the life you’ve always wanted to live. Living your best life means adopting healthy habits that are easy to incorporate into your everyday life and taking advantage of opportunities that allow you to reach your full potential.


We’ve listed our personal favourite ways to live life to the fullest this year:


  1. Spend more time with family (no electronics at the dinner table, have a game night, or movie night)
  2. Read at least __ new books
  3. Pick up a new hobby or skill (photography, knitting, cooking)
  4. Try something new (yoga, DIY projects, belly dancing)
  5. Stretch every morning (there’s nothing like a good decompress of the body)
  6. Talk less, listen more
  7. Recycle (bring a reusable coffee mug next time you visit your local coffee shop, try reusable straws, invest in a reusable water bottle)
  8. Practice meditation (set aside a few minutes each day to let your mind wander)
  9. De-clutter your digital life (unsubscribe from emails you never read, unfollow, unfriend, delete photos you no longer need)
  10. Drink more water (or at least have 1 full glass before every meal)
  11. Spend more time outside (explore a local trail or park)
  12. Try learning a new language (check out free apps like duolingo)
  13. Invest in a real alarm clock and keep electronics out of sight before bed
  14. Spend money on experiences, not “stuff”
  15. Call your loved ones just to chat more often
  16. Have more 1 on 1 dates with the kids
  17. Stay organized (simplify your life and cut back on clutter. A clear space equals a clear mind)
  18. Have more family meals (cooking doesn't have to be complicated or tedious, try planning meals ahead of time, cooking, setting the table, and sitting down to eat together)
  19. Make time for breakfast
  20. Create a morning/bedtime routine that you love, and stick to it
  21. Exercise more (working out doesn't necessarily mean going for a run or to the gym, try physical activities like skating, tennis, or even doing squats while folding laundry)
  22. Dedicate at least one night a week to you and your S.O.
  23. Travel somewhere you’ve never been before
  24. Kick a bad habit
  25. Have more self-confidence (spend time getting to know yourself and make peace with where and who you are)
  26. Make time for self-care every day (do a face mask, have an epsom salt and essential oil bath, journal, meditate)
  27. Make your own coffee at home (but treat yourself from time to time!)
  28. Face your fears (pick ONE thing that intimidates you and conquer it, develop a plan and find a companion to support you)
  29. Use essential oils to increase your daily wellness (keep them in convenient places where you can easily grab them)
  30. Don’t stress out about things you can't change, or have no control over (learn to let go)
  31. Clean out your closet, and donate things you don’t wear
  32. Practice mindful eating (slow down, enjoy what you’re eating, and savour each bite!)
  33. Listen to more podcasts (there’s something for everyone!)
  34. Start a gratitude journal and stick to it (take 5 minutes every day and write down 5 things you’re grateful for)
  35. Spend less time on your phone/social media (take a day or two to disconnect, you’ll feel refreshed)
  36. Adopt or foster a pet
  37. Let go of the people in your life that aren’t bringing you positive energy
  38. Don’t go to bed without cleansing your face, no matter how tired you feel (you’ll thank yourself later)
  39. Floss your teeth at least once a day
  40. Cut down on sugar (opt for honey or reduce the amount in your tea/coffee, try a soda stream machine for flavoured carbonated beverages as an alternative to pop or juice)
  41. Start eating for optimal health, not weight loss
  42. Reconnect with an old friend
  43. Be the positive person that everyone needs in their life (positive energy is contagious, and is good for your own mental health too!)
  44. Become a plant owner and maintain them
  45. Make your home smell beautiful! (smell is associated with the part of the brain that processes your emotions, use an essential oil diffuser daily)
  46. Save, budget, and create a plan for your money
  47. Get involved in your community (volunteer at a local rec centre, church, animal shelter, food bank or participate in a charity event raise money)
  48. Stop procrastinating (this is sometimes the biggest hurdle that keeps someone from achieving their goals)
  49. Learn how to single-task (our brain actually works more efficiently when we focus on one task at a time. Put your phone away and get rid of the things that may distract you, and see how much you get done when you focus on one thing at a time)
  50. Don’t take a single moment of your life for granted, enjoy every bit of it

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