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soap dish spotlight with artist, bettina westwood - Bettina Westwood, Ceramic, Handmade, Soap Dish, Soap Holder - local -

soap dish spotlight with artist, bettina westwood

Where form meets function. Not only is it beautiful but it just makes sense! We are excited to introduce you to Bettina Westwood and her handmade soap dish!

meet bettina westwood

Bettina has been living in Toronto, Ontario since her years at OCAD University (Ontario College of Arts and Design). After graduating from the Communication and Design program, she went on to enter the workforce which was not yet in the world of ceramics. 

so how did ceramics become a part of her life?

At the time, Bettina was looking for a creative outlet. She took weaving classes, shoe making classes (so hard!), and ceramic classes. Her connection with ceramics just clicked! Ceramic wheel throwing is fast paced and allows her to create, change, and try new things right in the moment. 

Since that was a match made in ceramic heaven, she left her job and spent two months training and practicing 1-on-1 at The Shop Toronto. Now, she has been a part-time ceramics maker right here in Toronto for 5 years! 

the story of the soap dish...

Bettina's background as a designer influences her work. The soap dish is all about solving a design problem while making it beautiful at the same time. This wheel thrown soap dish is designed to keep your soap high and dry, making it last longer! It's one of a kind, functional, and made with a lot of love and care.

Hot Tip: make your soap last... cut your soap bar into smaller pieces. Use one piece on the soap dish and keep the rest for later! 

Bettina Westwood Ceramic Soap Dish
One of Bettina's cats and models, Loralie.

it's a process... a two week process!

1. each piece is created through the ceramic technique called wheel throwing

2. they are set aside to dry for at least a day

3. trimming is next

4. set to dry again

5. sanding

6. first firing (bisque fire)

7. sand it again

8. glaze coat

9. second firing (final high fire)

10. the soap dish is complete!

Keep it forever... it's functional, minimal, original, and timeless.

Bettina continues to follow her passion for ceramics and creating pieces that people need and love. She believes in sustainability and recycling all of her materials. We can't wait to see more!

Add this soap dish to your home and your soaps will last forever! Thank you Bettina Westwood! 💚

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