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small ways to be eco-friendly in your everyday life

first and foremost... thank you for putting the intent and effort in to be more eco-friendly! it's the first and most important step to living a more sustainable life!

swapping out your usual products for more sustainable options can seem daunting. you might find yourself questioning "what's the point, how can i make that much of a difference?" we're here to tell you that every small change you make contributes to a bigger, positive change in the world.


let's talk air pollution

nearly 2.5 million people die worldwide each year from the effects of outdoor or indoor air pollution. asthma, heart disease, and lung disease can be caused by air pollution, not to mention, entire eco-systems suffer as a result of haze and smog. so what can you do to help reduce your contribution to air pollution?

  • carpool or take public transportation. even better, you can bike! especially when you are going somewhere nearby, opting to cycle or walk is not only better for your health, but it does wonders for the environment
  • reduce your use of aerosol. hairspray, spray paint, and other 'everyday' objects like that can actually have an impact on the environment.
  • recycle yard trimmings. instead of burning them, bagging your leaves, weeds, and grass to be taken care of by your city can be extremely helpful.

the big p (pollution)

not to be a captain obvious but pollution is a huge issue. it is one of the major factors contributing to global warming and depleting ocean life. the citarum river in indonesia, has so much garbage floating in it that you cannot see the water. even though a huge part of reducing pollution is in the hands of the government, it is still a responsibility that falls onto our plates. 

  • find your new favourite reusable water bottle - this eliminates plastic water bottles that often get thrown out into landfills, end up in waterways, and whose factories produce tons of air pollution and waste. 
  • put your grocery store produce into reusable mesh produce bags. those tearaway bags at the store almost never get reused and cannot be recycled. 
  • try a bamboo toothbrush. bamboo is biodegradable, meaning when you inevitably replace it, you're creating almost zero waste!
  • make your shower as green as possible. no, we don't mean put plants in your shower (which would actually be great too), but focus on buying low waste soaps, reusable bottles, safety razors you buy blades for, and bamboo q tips! 

clean, green products for you:

plants in the shower

keep it local

a big way you can help make a positive change to the environment is to shop from places close by. supporting local vendors that don't mass produce products, use eco-friendly, vegan ingredients is a sure fire way to know your environmental impact. selecting local pick up when available reduces the use of shipping cars, planes, and boats. typically, small businesses hold themselves accountable for their impact on the environment. 

with every purchase from local you can choose to support an environmental organization. we always love to hear your suggestions about sustainable products and local organizations that make a difference, so we can support our earth. 


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