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Zoom wool dryer balls -
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wool dryer balls


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soften your laundry the eco-friendly way!

kind laundry wool dryer balls are an earth-friendly, long-lasting alternative to synthetic fabric softener and toxic dryer sheets.

a sustainable swap that will:

naturally soften your clothes, reduce wrinkles, and prevent static cling
reduce drying time by up to 25% (and save on energy bills)
last for up to 1,000+ loads of laundry
lower your carbon footprint :)
ingredients: 100% pure new zealand wool – that’s it!

✔ no fragrances or dyes

✔ no fillers or synthetics

✔ no chemicals

kind on your clothes, kind to your skin, and kind to our planet.

how do wool dryer balls work?
wool dryer balls work by tumbling around between the different fabrics in your laundry, softening any stiffness as it develops and preventing static cling. this also creates pockets of air between your clothes, helping hot air pass through and reducing overall drying time.

after washing with kind laundry detergent sheets, simply toss 3 wool dryer balls in your dryer along with your laundry.

for large loads, such as bedding, we recommend using 6 wool dryer balls.

if you ever notice your wool dryer balls looking dingy, or your laundry isn’t drying as quickly as it used to, it may be time to “recharge” the wool. all you need to do is wash them on a gentle warm cycle, and then throw them in the dryer. the average household will only need to do this once every 6 months.

you’ll know your wool dryer balls are at the end of their life when they start falling apart. luckily, they’re biodegradable. we recommend tearing them up into small pieces and placing them in your home compost!


wool dryer balls



about the brand

from kind laundry

we wake up every morning feeling excited by the impact we can make to our beautiful planet. our mission is to create a more sustainable future.

as consumers, we have the power to change the world by being careful in what we buy and consume. just imagine, one person opting to purchase a plastic-free item one day, then multiplied by billions of people around the world - that’s a small gesture with massive impact.

this is why we are so passionate about kind laundry and the mission it stands for. we want to give people a better alternative and make a positive impact on our planet.


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about us

proudly canadian

we’re canadian and proud of it. since april 11, 2014, we have brought you reliable products for your healthy lifestyle needs. we have high standards, and everything we do is motivated by the desire to help you and the world we live in. 


say yes to helping save the planet. we can't do it alone, so we need your help. every product and brand featured here contributes to a healthier world.


it's not just who we are, it's also who we represent. local canadian owned brands, with the majority being female/gay owned and operated. inclusivity is key around here.

kind laundry

sustainable products that contain no harmful chemicals and are much easier to use.

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cultivating quality sustainable canadian products. highlighting and developing amazing essentials that are good for you and the earth.

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