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Zoom microfibre waffle cloths -
Zoom microfibre waffle cloths -

chiffons gaufrés en microfibre


il ne reste plus que 5 !

Dites adieu aux serviettes en papier et bonjour à nos luxueux chiffons de nettoyage en microfibre à texture gaufrée réutilisables.

associez-les à notre nettoyant tout usage à base de plantes pour essuyer la saleté, les taches et la poussière.

haute performance : la microfibre est célèbre pour ses fibres denses qui sont très absorbantes et chargées positivement , ce qui signifie qu'ils attirent la saleté et la graisse chargées négativement. à séchage rapide et très absorbants, nos chiffons sont également sans traces et non pelucheux.

Technologie antibactérienne : nos chiffons de nettoyage en microfibre contiennent la technologie antibactérienne aux ions d'argent, qui maintient un taux antibactérien supérieur à 99,9 % même après 100 lavages.

fait amusant : la microfibre seule est connue pour éliminer les bactéries sur les surfaces, mais notre composition va encore plus loin, pour stériliser plus de 650 types de bactéries, germes et champignons.


2 chiffons de nettoyage en microfibre tout usage réutilisables. en : 80% polyester recyclé, 20% polyamide. dimensions du tissu : 30 cm x 30 cm.

Circulaire et durable : notre microfibre est fabriquée à partir de 80 % de polyester recyclé et est durable, pouvant durer jusqu'à 100 lavages.

chiffons gaufrés en microfibre



about the brand

from guests on earth

cleaning routines often feel like chores; the result might be rewarding, but the process is anything but.

not to mention that the products we use are wasteful, poorly designed and usually toxic to the environment and ourselves.

we set out to create a new paradigm in home care;

our gentle on the earth products were created for you to reimagine daily cleaning as an enjoyable sensory experience, one that's counter-worthy, gift-worthy and you-worthy.

we hope you enjoy our products as much as we do.

jackie and liz


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about us

proudly canadian

we’re canadian and proud of it. since april 11, 2014, we have brought you reliable products for your healthy lifestyle needs. we have high standards, and everything we do is motivated by the desire to help you and the world we live in. 


say yes to helping save the planet. we can't do it alone, so we need your help. every product and brand featured here contributes to a healthier world.


it's not just who we are, it's also who we represent. local canadian owned brands, with the majority being female/gay owned and operated. inclusivity is key around here.

guests on earth

a brand with sustainability at its core, that blends the intention of design with the spirit of wellness. creating elevated home systems that are delightful to use and restore the balance between people and the planet

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cultivating quality sustainable canadian products. highlighting and developing amazing essentials that are good for you and the earth.

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