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Zoom manicure and beauty rounds (5 pack) -
Zoom manicure and beauty rounds (5 pack) -

rondes manucure et beauté (pack de 5)


il ne reste plus que 5 !

verdissez votre routine beauté en éliminant les cotons et boules de coton jetables. Les ronds de beauté en flanelle de coton lavable sont un fantastique remplacement écologique, font un meilleur travail et durent des années de lavage continu. parfait pour enlever le vernis à ongles (à utiliser avec du dissolvant), se maquiller, appliquer du toner, laver et exfolier le visage. les coussinets sont également d'une taille idéale pour que les tout-petits puissent se nettoyer le visage après s'être brossé les dents.

chaque coussinet est de 2 plis et d'environ 4" de diamètre (légèrement plus grand que les ronds faciaux ordinaires).

illustré avec un sac à linge en filet de coton biologique, vendu séparément ici.

le tissu n'est pas prélavé, donc laver et sécher avant utilisation. pour nettoyer, laver à froid ou à chaud avec des couleurs similaires en utilisant le détergent de votre choix. sécher par culbutage à basse température ou suspendre pour sécher. le tissu deviendra plus doux et atteindra une capacité d'absorption maximale après quelques cycles de lavage. attendez-vous à un certain rétrécissement.

*n'utilisez pas d'assouplissant ou de feuilles assouplissantes car elles peuvent diminuer l'absorption.

environ 4" de diamètre

rondes manucure et beauté (pack de 5)



about the brand

from cheeks ahoy

cheeks ahoy was born shortly after our first child. we had planned all along to use cloth diapers for our precious baby bundle in order to do our part for the environment by reducing waste. we were so excited to be cloth diapering, but soon realized that we were still creating lots of extra waste from disposable baby wipes - all those wipes just used once and tossed in the garbage! not to mention all of the plastic in which those wipes are packaged and the long ingredient list full of preservatives…

the amount of waste that we were still creating was alarming, and the ingredient list on those disposable baby wipes did not offer any comfort either.

so I sewed up my first batch of reusable wipes out of some old flannel bed sheets and created a gentle wipe solution for our baby's tender cheeks using three simple, natural ingredients. not only did this eliminate the waste created from disposable wipes, we also found our reusable wipes and solution to be much more effective and versatile!


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about us

proudly canadian

we’re canadian and proud of it. since april 11, 2014, we have brought you reliable products for your healthy lifestyle needs. we have high standards, and everything we do is motivated by the desire to help you and the world we live in. 


say yes to helping save the planet. we can't do it alone, so we need your help. every product and brand featured here contributes to a healthier world.


it's not just who we are, it's also who we represent. local canadian owned brands, with the majority being female/gay owned and operated. inclusivity is key around here.

cheeks ahoy

use all natural fabrics including 100% cotton flannel, hemp, bamboo, and organic cotton. their products are handmade with love and care by our team of dedicated moms (and a dad!) in peterborough, ontario.

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cultivating quality sustainable canadian products. highlighting and developing amazing essentials that are good for you and the earth.

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