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all-natural fabric spray: the story behind the spray

all-natural fabric spray: the story behind the spray - 250ml, Aluminum, Apothecary, Clothing Spray, Essential Oils, Eucalyptus, fabric spray, Fresh Laundry, Lavender, Lemongrass, Linen Spray, Mint, Tangerine Grapefruit - local -

Did you know that washing your clothes less will extend the life of your garments? Using the washer and dryer regularly not only causes wear and tear on your clothes, but also contributes a large amount to your electrical bill (no thank you!)...

introducing Closett Candyy Fabric Spray!

"A non-toxic alternative to febreze!" 

This spray adds a fresh scent while disinfecting and removing odour. It can be used for clothing, masks, shoes, hats, linens, furniture, car interiors, yoga mats and so much more! It removes the odour and leaves a fresh scent in its place. Not only that, it's made with simple but effective ingredients. Find your perfect blend of essential oils...

Eucalyptus Mint Fabric Spray

Apothecary Blend: siberian fir, wild orange, and grapefruit essential oils. Where crisp mountain air meets tangy tropical breeze.

Eucalyptus Mint: aromatic eucalyptus oil promotes feelings of relaxation while energizing peppermint oil defogs the mind. 

Fresh f'n Laundry: this rejuvenating essential blend of lemon and lime peel, siberian fir, and spicy herbs contains fast-acting purifying properties. 

Lavender: you guessed it... lavender essential oil offers a mild floral and herbal aroma to alleviate stress and lull you to sleep (perfect for your linens).

Lemongrass: this cleansing lemongrass essential oil can combat feelings of stress and boost awareness. A little goes a long way.

Tangerine Grapefruit: extracted from tangerine and grapefruit peels, this zesty blend of essential oils is an island paradise in a bottle.

so how did this wonderful fabric spray come to life?

meet Jesse... the maker behind the magic ✨  

Jesse from Closett Candyy 

Jesse started her Closett Candyy dream 10 years ago as a style consultant. She loves to share her passion for fashion with her community who love and adore her energy, honesty, and love for clothes!

In August 2019, Jesse launched a sustainable style challenge on Instagram. It focused on teaching others how to be more sustainable when it comes to fashion. The first challenge was to encourage people to wash their clothes less. Why? Unless your clothes get stained or dirty, you can air them out and get more wear out of them. 

Her community loved the idea of using the washer and dryer less but were curious about ways to remove the odour from their favourite fabrics. From a need, to a want, to a reality... Jesse's handmade and perfected Fabric Spray came to life! 

Once Jesse dipped her toes in the sustainable style world, she loved the process of making the spray and finding the perfect balance of ingredients.

Did you know? It's made with vodka because of its strong deodorizing properties. (Knowing that, we should mention that this liquid fabric spray is not to be consumed. 🤣)

Fun Fact: Jesse's first bottle purchase was from us at My Essential Business. Aren't we lucky to be part of her story!

here's how it works...

  • unlock the trigger
  • shake well before use
  • take your worn garment, turn it inside out, spray the odour carrying areas, hang to dry

✨ It's also great to use in the car, as poo-pourri, or as a mid-day outfit refresher! ✨  

Hats off to Jesse! We are officially in love with her fabric spray and are excited to feature it in our store! Make it yours... shop the Fabric Spray Collection and continue to support local! 💚 

Show some love or ask us questions in the comments below! 

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