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spotlight on essential oil displays: an inside look at fallen forest - displays, essential oil display, fallen forest, maple, resin display, walnut, wood display - local -

spotlight on essential oil displays: an inside look at fallen forest

If you love your essential oil bottles and rollers and want them to be organized and featured in your space, we have the displays for you. Introducing Fallen Forest, the makers of Ontario wood essential oil displays that are the definition of functional art. Let's learn more about their story...

meet the fallen forest duo, val and cam

Val and Cam are located in south-western Ontario, with their shop being located in London, Ontario. As of September 2021, they will be expanding their shop at a new location in Tilsonburg, Ontario! We are so excited for them to grow in their new space! 

Fallen Forest Owners, Val and Cam

so how did fallen forest come to life?

It all started with Val, and essential oil lover, and her growing collection of oil bottles. Whether it was Val's need for a display or Cam being tired of essential oil bottles being everywhere... they both got to work on creating something they needed in their lives. 

Cam has always been handy and can take Val's ideas and run with them. After a couple months of puttering around in the garage, Cam finished a beautiful display for Val's essential oil bottles. It then became a statement piece on their fireplace mantle for friends and family to admire. 

From there, the organic growth through friends and family asking "I love it, can you make me one?" became the inspiration behind Fallen Forest. It officially became a small business adventure in spring of 2017! 

Fun Fact: Val's favourite essential oil blend is currently peppermint and wild orange. It's a fresh, citrus, and invigorating scent. 💚 Give it a try!

the meaning behind the name fallen forest

No, they don't run around trying to catch falling pieces in the forest. Could you imagine?! The name represents the wood they use from trees that have already lived their life and are being given a new sense of identity. They will not cut anything down for their products, as they are mindful of their resources and upcycling their materials. They are partnered with Ontario Wood, to source materials that are Ontario based. We love that they are keeping it Canadian!

Fallen Forest Essential Oil Display with Live Edge


What is the process? Cutting, drilling, sanding, and finishing with non-toxic oil and hard wax. On average, the displays without resin take 2-3 hours from start to finish and the added resin can add about 4-5 days to the process. In the end, every piece is made with a lot of love and care from their shop to your home!

tips and tricks

  • keep it out of direct sunlight
  • use oils, like coconut oil, to preserve natural shine
  • if it starts to dull, use a piece of cardboard to lightly sand the piece to brighten it up again
  • care package coming soon!

Keep it forever... it's functional, fun, playful, and youthful. Since no two pieces of wood are alike, it's truly one of a kind.

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