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diy immune gummies with essential oils

If you've been looking for the perfect grab-and-go immune supporting snack for your kiddos (heck, even yourself), look no further! These healthy gummies are easy to whip up in the kitchen, and there's a whole lot of goodness inside. 

Let's dive into the juicy details of the ingredients we will be using in this recipe!

100% pomegranate juice - (1/3) Cup

Pomegranates contain two unique compounds that make up the most of its outstanding health benefits – punicalagins and punicic acid. Punicalagins are powerful antioxidants that are found in the juice and peel. Punicic Acid is the primary fatty acid found in the arils (seeds). Pomegranates are said to have anti-inflammatory properties, help fight bacteria, lower blood pressure, and reduce joint pain and arthritis.

honey - 3 TBSP

grass fed gelatin - 3 TBSP

Gelatin is created by dehydrating different parts of animals (skin, bones, and tissue). It is then made into a powder which is virtually colourless and tasteless. It's added to candies and desserts because it acts as a natural/sticky glue. But did you know gelatin can help improve our gut health, digestion, sleep quality, and the appearance of our skin? Rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and sulphur, gelatin will help both you and your kiddos stay healthy and happy.

wild orange essential oil* - 2 drops

Wild Orange is known to help improve your mood and emotions, but it’s also an incredible and cleansing boost for the immune system! Plus, the delicious flavour is pretty hard to turn down.

*Please ensure your essential oil bottle label indicates safe for internal/dietary use. 

protective blend essential oil* - 3 drops

A blend of Clove Bud, Cinnamon Leaf, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf, Rosemary Leaf/Flower and Wild Orange essential oils. This blend is known to help support a healthy immune system, protect against environmental threats, and improve the body’s natural defence system. We personally use “OnGuard” by doTERRA. If you are not using doTERRA essential oils, the company you buy from should have an equivalent “Protective Blend”.

*Please ensure your essential oil bottle label indicates safe for internal/dietary use. 

Pomegranate gummy bears surrounding a bottle of doTerra Wild Orange Essential Oil


  1. In a saucepan on low heat, whisk juice, gelatin, honey, and essential oils together until there are no lumps (the mixture should all be one consistency).
  2. Pour mixture into an ice cube tray or silicone moulds. You can find some fun ones at your local craft store or here.
  3. Place your gummies in the freezer for about 7-10 minutes until they are set.
  4. Serve, or place in your fridge to store.
Gummy bears standing up on a white plate.

Bonus: when your kids beg you for more, you don't have to feel bad for saying YES! 


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DISCLAIMER: Make sure you are using the safest essential oils available to you. We use Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. All information mentioned in this blog post has not been evaluated by Health Canada or the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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RE: Edna Colwell & Vanessa

The gummies should last a few weeks in the fridge. Because this recipe uses natural ingredients and does not have preservatives, we recommend consuming them within a week just to be safe.

Edna Colwell

Hi, made these in January for a Kids Make and Take and they have molded. Had them in the fridge and followed recipe. What could have went wrong?


If I added more drops of the oils, would that throw off the ability of the gummies to set properly?


How long do these last in the fridge?



There are so incredibly easy to make and absolutely delicious! Now I have a “candy” weapon in my arsenal! Thank you for this recipe! Keep’em coming !

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